77 Best Man Cave Ideas (2022)

By Wesley Cable

Last Updated: December 1, 2022
Reading Time: 17 minutes

Nothing is more exciting than building your own man cave. I created this exhaustive list of the 77 best man cave ideas to help you create your own unique man cave. This list contains man cave decor, man cave accessories, and some DIY man cave ideas. If your site is being created for one man or many men, this list will help make sure you have everything you need to create a complete man cave.

Here is the list of 77 Best Man Cave Ideas (2022)

Table of Contents

1. TVs (2)

The centerpiece of a modern man cave is the big screen tv or multiple TVs if you have the room. Instead of buying one 80-inch TV, spend a little less and get yourself two 65-inch TVs. Trust me, the setup with more than one big-screen TV is just what you need when you have your friends or family over. I don’t recommend having any built-ins to hold your TV as you find in a living room because they can take up a lot of space and they are expensive to have built. Multiple TVs can also make sure all of the guests have a good line of sight.

2. Beverage/Wine Refrigerator

No man cave is complete without a good beverage/wine refrigerator. Look for a combination beverage/wine refrigerator with dual zones so you can keep the wine at 55 degrees and the rest of your beverages colder. Keep this near the bar so your guests don’t have to search for drinks.

3. Lighting

Don’t underestimate proper lighting when designing your man cave.  I recommend canned/recessed lighting with LED bulbs for the main lighting because you don’t want lamps sitting on your tables or the floor taking up precious space in your man cave.  Getting smart bulbs is a good idea so you can control them with your smart device. 

4. Flooring

Good water-proof flooring is a must in a man cave even in the garage.  I suggest waterproof laminate flooring because it looks amazing and will leave room in your budget for other decors.  You can also save cash by putting it into yourself.  Carpet does not work because it gets dirty quickly, is harder to clean, and isn’t very durable.  

5. Poker Table

When creating the perfect man cave, you need to get yourself a sturdy poker table. Some people try to save a few dollars and buy a poker mat that sits on top of a table, but you end up spending a lot of time making sure the mat stays on the table and they aren’t as durable as a stand-alone poker table. An eight-seat octagonal table is perfect for those marathon poker games with the guys, and it doesn’t take up as much space as a long table does.  

6. Pool Table

Pool tables are popular man cave decor.  There are few things better than a good game of pool with your guests while you watch the game.  You don’t have to get a brand new one either.  Buying a nice used pool table will save you a lot of cash that you can use to get something else.   

7. Jersey Frames

Men who like sports like to decorate with jerseys of their favorite athletes.  This can be a cool look for the walls in your man cave if you have the right frames.  Do yourself a favor and have a professional help you pick out the frames and frame them for you.  When professionally done, the jerseys are a nice touch for your space.  

8. Bluetooth Speaker

If you like music as I do, you need to have a Bluetooth speaker in your man cave.  Blue tooth speakers are great because you can control them with your smart device and they sound amazing.  Not to mention the prices on these items have come down a lot over the years so you should be able to get a good one for under $300.00. 

9. Video Game System

Make sure you have your favorite video game system (PS5/Xbox/Switch) in your man cave so you can compete with your buddies in marathon sessions of Call of Duty PVP or you can use it to play DVDs and Blue-Ray discs if you still own them.  

10. Climate Control

Don’t make the mistake of setting up one of your own spaces in a garage or a basement without climate control.  If you do, you are likely to be sitting there by yourself sweating or freezing while your friends are in another room.  Portable air conditioners/heaters that can be mounted through the wall work perfectly.  They allow you to keep the air in the man cave at the temperature you want it without disturbing the rest of the household.  

11. Air Hockey/Ping Pong Table

For guys who don’t like billiards or don’t want to spend the cash on a pool table, get an air hockey table or ping pong table.  These games are just like the ones at the bar and people enjoy them.  

12. Popcorn Machine

The man cave is a great place to watch movies with your family when your pals aren’t there watching sports.  A popcorn machine is a nice touch because it makes your sanctuary smell like a real movie theater, and it adds to the ambiance.  Not to mention, popcorn is a delicious, inexpensive snack to have available.  

13. Hot Tub

Don’t automatically discount having a hot tub in your man cave.   Technology has made small indoor hot tubs a reality and they are less expensive than you think.  Just imagine sitting in the hot tub taking a photo with a few of your friends and listening to music or watching the game.   Hot tubs are modern man cave accessories. I recommend you go online to find a good example of how a hot tub can be used indoors.

14. All in one computer (DIY Man Cave Ideas) (Accessories)

Having a computer handy can help you find all kinds of DIY ideas, and they can all be ordered with a click of your mouse. Some websites even allow you to see what items look like in your room before you buy them.

15. Cigar Humidor

cigar humidor is another nice touch for your man cave.  Not only do many men like to smoke cigars while they play poker, but a nice humidor can add to the decor and give you a classy look.  Of course, it keeps the cigars from drying out too so that helps.  

16. Air Purifier 

This is one of the most forgotten man cave ideas. A lot of people don’t smoke cigars in their man cave because they don’t want the smoke to get into the other areas of the home.  This is why you get an air purifier to take away the smoke.  It works!  It’s also nice to have clean air in your area when it’s full of people.   

17. Refrigerator

When coming up with man cave ideas and setting your budget, don’t forget the refrigerator. Nothing is worse than spending time with your friends and family and having to go back and forth to the kitchen for food or more beverages.  If you have enough space, a full-size refrigerator/freezer is awesome.  If you don’t, a mini fridge will do the trick.  

18. Bean Bags 

Bean bags are excellent pieces of furniture to have in your man cave.  Not only do they give the space a modern look, but they are super comfortable and give your guests other options besides packing like sardines on your couch.  Remember, the bigger the bean bag the better! Amazon is a good place to get an example of how bean bags can be used and help you decide on the right ones.   

19. Clay Poker Chip Set

This is another thing that people miss when thinking of man cave ideas. Impress your guests with a nice poker set with real clay chips.  Create the feeling of a real casino game with a nice chipset.

20. Paint

I know this sounds obvious but good paint can make or break a man cave.  Try to get paint that is durable and can be wiped down when stuff gets spilled on it.  Believe me, it will happen, and you will be happy you had the right paint.  If you can’t figure out which color is best, take a photo of your room and take it to the paint store. They are very helpful. The rest of the man cave decor doesn’t matter if your room doesn’t have a nice paint job.

21. Personalized Signage

Every man cave has to have a personalized sign on the inside.  It’s a way of personalizing your area and differentiating it from your friends’.  There are unlimited options on Amazon for these signs including having a photo of yourself so search there first when trying to find the right one.  Don’t make the mistake of hanging random photos.

22. Recliners

Recliners look amazing and are very comfortable to relax in.  If you’ve ever tried to watch football on a Sunday with your friends packed on a couch, it gets uncomfortable quickly. 

Recliners can also be purchased second-hand at really good prices because sellers are just happy to get them out of their way to make room for new furniture.   Recliners are nice if your man cave is the only space you have to get in a good nap.

23. Dart Board

Darts is one of the most fun games you can play while you hang out with your buddies in the man cave.  A dart board takes up very little area on the wall but offers hours of entertainment.   

24. Tables

Please don’t forget to have tables in your man cave.  Nobody likes setting their plate of buffalo wings in their lap between bites. Not to mention you can avoid food being spilled all over your furniture if people have a place for their plates.  Find tables that fit your taste but don’t spend a lot of time looking around.

25.  Sound Bar

You don’t need to buy a huge expensive sound system that clears out your bank account to get good sound in your man cave.  A good sound bar that comes with a sub-woofer will save you a lot of cash and provides amazing sound perfect for your movies and sports.  Even if your man cave includes built-ins, there are plenty of sound bars that fit even the tightest spaces.

26.  Barbershop Chair

Don’t laugh!  A friend of mine has one of these in his man cave and he gets a lot of compliments on it.  For men who cut hair or have friends who cut hair, having this chair in your space can be a unique touch.  Taking photos while getting your hair cut while surrounded by your pals is pretty cool.  

27.  Wine Glasses

Anyone who drinks wine will tell you that the wine glass is just as important as the wine being poured. At a minimum, you want to have a set of glasses for white wine and a set for red wine. You can go to any store and pick up a set of cheap wine glasses, but your wine-drinking guests won’t come back or bring over special wines from their collection if you do. I recommend Amazon if you need an example of good wine glasses.

28.  Beer Glasses

Many people like to drink their beer from a frozen, pint-sized, glass-like they do at their favorite bar.  Don’t be that guy with a bunch of room-temperature solo cups laying around for your guests to drink out of.  Proper glasses are inexpensive and are appreciated.  

29.  Trash Can

I think this is an obvious one.  Just remember to make sure to get a big one so you don’t have to stop and dump it every hour when you have company.  Don’t worry about getting one that’s in style, just get a durable one.

30.  Soundproof Panels

Most people don’t have the natural sound barrier provided by a basement and trust me; the man cave can get loud. Soundproofing your man cave with these inexpensive acoustic panels allows you to be your own man and keep the party going late into the night without worrying about waking up everyone else in the house. These panels can give your site a nice custom look.

31.  Bar

If you have the area and the money, a built-in bar is a must-have for a man cave.  Some of the best man caves I’ve seen have a bar as a centerpiece.  They can be built to match any style or theme and get a lot of use.  If you don’t have the area for a full bar, search for a portable bar. They work well in small rooms.   

32.  Cabinets

Proper storage is important to avoid clutter so make sure to have plenty of cabinetry.  Not to mention, cabinets can add to the ambiance and style of your space.   

33.  Shelving

Make sure you have some shelving as part of your decor to store your stuff.  Shelves help keep valuable table space free for your guests and they will help keep decorations from getting broken.  Go online to get ideas on how to use shelving from all over the country.

34.  Cigars

Make sure you have plenty of your favorite cigars in your humidor.  Great cigars can be found all over the world so this should be easy.

35.  Family Photos

A lot of men create their man caves to get away from the chaos that comes with family life.  Having family pictures in the man cave is a nice touch and it lets your family know they are important to you.  Even a single photo can make a big difference.

36.  Posters

If you like movies or sports, posters can be a nice decoration for the walls of the man cave.  Posters are nice because they’re inexpensive and can cover up a lot of bare wall areas.  I have seen some spaces with huge mural-like posters of their favorite musical group on the wall and it looks really good.  Go online if you need a good example or need some inspiration.

37.  Charging Station

Of all the items on this list of man cave ideas, nothing shows your attention to the small details or will be more appreciated than having a charging station to charge all the devices in the room. Your guests won’t have to search for their charging cords or unplug things to charge their phones. 

38.  Blankets 

When you get a lot of people in your special room, it tends to get hot.  To compensate for that, the cooling system is usually turned down low.  For some people, it can get really cold fast.  Having some nice blankets gives your guests something to cover up with if they get cold and they give your space a cozier feel.  

39.  Wall Mounted Bottle Opener and Cap Catcher

I know it’s cool to open your bottles with your wedding ring or the corner of the fireplace but get yourself a good, mounted, bottle opener and hang it near the beverage refrigerator or the bar.

40.  LED Lighting

LED lighting is so affordable today and its flexibility allows you to do some pretty awesome things.  Get yourself some efficient LED lighting and add some character and pizazz to your special room.  It makes a big difference in the ambiance.  You can go online if you need an example of what can be accomplished with LED lights.

41.  Pop-A-Shot

No matter the country, one of the most popular games at the local pub is the Pop-a-Shot.  Everyone thinks they can shoot like Steph Curry so this game provides endless entertainment that can last all night.  Get one!  

42.  Whiskey Decanter Set

Cigars, poker, whisky, and good times go well together.  Add some class to your room by having a nice whisky decanter set.  It makes service drinks easier and allows you to hide the fact you bought cheap whisky for your guests!  There are many great examples on Amazon so start there.

43.  Artificial Plants

When coming up with this list of man cave ideas, I wanted to make sure to include plants. Artificial plants are a nice touch for your man cave.  Real plants require maintenance and watering which a lot of men won’t do.  That makes artificial plants a great option for covering up bare corners or cords running from your electronics to the wall.  

44.  Foosball Table

This speaks for itself!  Get one!

45.  Indoor Putting Green

If you and your buddies play golf, you need to get one of these indoor putting greens for your room.  Not only can you break in a new putter any time of year, but just think of all the betting you can do from the comfort of your man cave

46.  Wi-fi Extender

A wi-fi extender may be the most important of all these ideas. There is nothing worse than having a house full of people tracking their fantasy teams on a football Sunday and having a bad wi-fi connection. This is an example of a must-have item especially if your man cave is in a basement.

47.  Area Rugs

If you have flooring in your man cave (I strongly suggest it) you are going to need to get yourself a couple of area rugs.  These rugs add to the decor and can fit any theme.  They also help prevent your guests from slipping and falling on liquid that has spilled onto the floor.  

48.  Aluminum Can Crusher

If you serve beer in cans, an aluminum can crusher is nice to have.  It helps keep the cans from filling up your trash can so quickly which means less time taking out the trash when you have guests.  

49.  Coasters

Coasters have two important purposes in a room.  First of all, they protect your tables from getting drink rings on them.  Secondly, they are an inexpensive way to personalize your man cave.  When it comes to coasters, there are unlimited options so feel free to design your own or match them with your personalized sign.  

50.  Liquor Dispenser 

For those men that are lucky enough to have a bar, a decorative liquor dispenser is nice.  Especially if you don’t have a full-time bartender (not typical in a man cave) and your guests enjoy different types of liquor.  The liquor dispenser makes it easy for your guests to pour their drinks and they look classy too.  

51.  Shot Glasses

If you have pals like mine that like to take shots, get yourself a set of shot glasses.  Shot glasses can be bought to match any theme and are very inexpensive.  You don’t want to be caught without them when your guests are ready to celebrate with a shot.  

52.  Breathalyzer

Let’s get serious for a minute. Alcohol and good times go well together. Nothing makes more sense than having a breathalyzer handy for your guests to use before they escape to make sure it’s safe for them to drive. It saves them and others on the road the heartache and money involved in getting a DUI.

53.  Welcome Mat

Another cool way to personalize your man cave is having a welcome mat outside the door.  This is especially important for those man caves that have doors that open to the outside.  Giving your guests a place to wipe their feet before entering will save you a lot of clean-up time.  There are unlimited options when it comes to selecting a welcome mat so have fun.  

54.  Scented Candles

Scented candles are nice after an all-day event in the room.  They can help make the air more pleasant smelling and add can add to the relaxing ambiance.  

55.  Ash Trays 

If you plan to smoke cigars in the man cave, please get a couple of cigar ashtrays so your guests aren’t knocking their cigar ash onto your floors.  This will save you a lot of time on clean-up.  

56.  Pillows

Pillows are nice to have to decorate the furniture in your room.  They also provide a comfortable place for your guests to lay their heads if they get tired.  Pillows can be purchased to fit any color scheme or style.  

57.  Fireplace

If your man cave is in an area of the house that has a fireplace or a wood-burning stove, consider yourself blessed.  These are a nice touch.    

58.  Bar Stools

If you have a bar then you need to have a few bar stools.  People like to settle near the bar and drink their drinks.  Having some cool barstools can make a man functional and aesthetically pleasing.  

59.  Pinball Machine 

If you have never had a pinball machine you are missing out. I have spent hours with my buddies in my man cave trying to set a high score on my pinball machine.  If you like pinball, get a pinball machine for your man cave.  You will be happy you did!  

60.  Sports Memorabilia

Sports collectibles can be a great way to decorate your sports-themed man cave or any man cave.  The beauty of keepsakes is that it is everywhere, and every piece has a story you can share with your guests.  Not to mention it looks cool too! 

61.  Cocktail Set

It’s nice to be able to make a variety of drinks when you have guests in your man cave.  A cocktail set will help you make drinks like martinis and lemon drops like a pro.  

62.  Beer Koozies

Help keep your slow-drinking guests from walking around with a warm beer. Koozies are inexpensive and are nice to have around.  

63.  Chess Board

Trust me. Get one!

64.  Magazine Rack

A magazine rack is nice to have in your room because it helps organize your magazines and keeps them off the tables.  When you have buddies over for a fantasy football draft and they all bring their fantasy magazines, you have a place to put them.  If you need inspiration, take a little bit of time to look at ideas online.

65.  Snacks

Fill your cabinets up with a variety of good snacks so you don’t have to keep going back and forth to the store.   

66.  Star Projector

When it gets dark in the room, having a star projector can be cool!  They are inexpensive and can transform your man cave into a starry night which everyone loves.   

67.  Coravin Wine Preservation System

As a wine enthusiast, I know how important it is to keep oxygen away from wine.  A Coravin is a wine preservation system that allows you to remove glasses of wine from a special bottle without having to open the cork.  The Coravin replaces the wine removed from the bottle with an inert gas to prevent oxygenation.  If you have special bottles of wine or champagne, you need to get a Coravin.

68.  Valet Tray

When your guests arrive, you need to have somewhere for them to put their car keys, phones, wallets, etc.  Having a valet tray near the entrance gives your guests a designated place for their stuff so they don’t have to look all over for it when it’s time to leave.  

69.  Cocktail Recipe Book

Make sure you are ready when your guest asks you to make a drink you have never heard of.  Have one of these inexpensive cocktail books around with step-by-step instructions on how to make the most obscure drinks.  These books can make a big difference when picky people come to visit.  

70.  Sports Trivia Game

When you and the guys are hanging out in the room and there aren’t any live sports to watch, a sports trivia game is a hit.  There is always one man who likes to prove how knowledgeable he is when it comes to sports so this game can provide hours of entertainment for everyone.  

71.  Air Fryer

I love my air fryer because it makes great food and doesn’t take up a lot of areas.  Use the air fryer to make fresh food to share with your guests including bar food like french fries, chicken wings, and mozzarella sticks.  The air fryer is a nice touch in any man cave.  

72.  Wall Clock

Wall clocks are great for decorations and can cover up an empty area on a wall.  Wall clocks come in a variety of styles so you can surely find one to fit the theme in your man cave.  

73.  Trunk Organizer

If you have the area, you need to get a trunk organizer.  These look classy and give you a place to store your pillows and blankets when your guests arrive.  Pillows and blankets that are stored in the trunk organizer will last longer and stay clean because they aren’t laying on the floor being stepped on.    

74.  Universal Remote Control

Any room with multiple electronic devices needs to have a universal remote.  The convenience of being able to control everything with one remote makes entertaining easier and more enjoyable. 

75.  Bluetooth BBQ Meat Thermometer

If you have a pellet smoker or BBQ, you need to have a wireless BBQ meat thermometer.  This will prevent you from having to leave the action to check on your food.  I like the probes that allow me to follow the temperature of the meat from my phone.  It’s convenient and I always know when the food is at the perfect temperature.    

76.  Keurig

Having a variety of drinks available to your guests is important and that includes coffee.  A Keurig is nice because it doesn’t take up a lot of space and it allows people to make coffee one cup at a time.  Make a few different pods available for your guests so they have a choice.  People like to have choices. 

77.  Karaoke Machine 

One of the best forms of entertainment after people have been drinking is karaoke.  People like me who don’t sing in front of other people love the opportunity to belt out the lyrics to their favorite songs on the karaoke machine.  This also provides hours of humor for everyone else.

What is a man cave?

A man cave is a custom sanctuary designed for guys to get together and do things men like to do. Man caves can be created in a garage, a basement, or any room in the house. In a busy household, man caves are usually the only space in the home for men to relax in peace and quiet. Man caves can be decorated in any style with any decor and come in different levels of extravagance. 



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